Binomoaffiliate program

Affiliate agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. This agreement is made by and between Tiburon Corporation Limited (the “Company”), on the one hand, and the person who opens an affiliate account (the “Affiliate”), on the other hand.

2. Definitions

2.1. The following terms, when used in this Agreement, shall have the following meanings:
2.1.1. The partnership account. The Affiliate is able to enter their affiliate program personal account using their login/password. In the affiliate account they will be able to track statistics on their traders, get a variety of promotional materials to attract new clients, change their personal information, and much more.
2.1.2. Affiliate payouts are affiliate remuneration. The amount which will be paid to the Affiliate according to the chosen work plan.
2.1.3. Promotional materials are marketing materials, such as banners, landing pages, etc. created and provided to the Affiliate to attract new clients.
2.1.4. An affiliate link is a URL which contains a unique affiliate ID which is used to record statistics.
2.1.5. Spam is the distribution of information about our Company to persons not wishing to receive such notifications and expressing clear dissatisfaction with such materials.
2.1.6. A subaccount is an identifier you select which you can see in your statistics.
2.1.7. Referrals are the partners that were engaged via your referral link. They can engage other partners and clients to the platform as well.
2.1.8. A client ID is the identifier of a trader which you can use to track their statistics.
2.1.9. Revshare is a cooperation plan according to which the Affiliate receives a percentage of their clients' transactions.
2.1.10. The minimum amount for a payout is the threshold which needs to be reached for a payout to be processed.

3. Affiliate account registration

3.1.To sign up for an “Affiliate account” the Affiliate fills out the sign-up form on

4. The procedure of mutual settlements

4.1. The Affiliate accrues 2% of the value of each of their client’s trades (in the case of trading on bonus cash - 1% of the value of each trade) and up to the Affiliate's current percentage of the revenue share from all the Affiliate’s client's deposits.
- CPA up to $400;
- or 5% of the earnings of an Affiliate referral.
4.2. Costs and commission for money transfers are paid by the Company.
4.3. All the statistics in your account are displayed in USD.
4.4. The minimum amount for a payout is $10. The minimum number of FTDs for a first payment is 5.
4.5. Affiliate payouts are made once a week, every Thursday. The payout covers the money earned during the previous week.
4.6. For the following countries, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Affiliate earnings have been reduced to 50 percent. Traffic from the following countries is not accepted: USA, Canada, Japan, Pakistan, Israel and EU countries.

5. Duties and responsibility of the parties

5.1. Through this Agreement the Affiliate is both informed and agrees to their personal responsibility for the condition of their account balance. The Company cannot bear responsibility for the inaction or action of the Affiliate in regard to using its services.
5.2. The Company has the right to change the provisions of this Agreement in the following cases:
a) Legislative bodies or authorities establish any changes that are binding for the Company;
b) When an amendment of the Agreement is in the Company's best interests. In this case, the Company notifies the Affiliate of the changes by updating the version of the Agreement available on this page.
5.3. The Affiliate bears the responsibility for the security of passwords and payment information.
5.4. The Affiliate is not allowed to
- Use any brand keywords in any context advertising;
- Use spam of any kind for client acquisition;
- Register trading accounts through their own affiliate link;
- Publish or disseminate misleading information in order to attract clients and mislead them;
- Register an affiliate account through their own referral link;
- Open trading and affiliate accounts from the same IP address through their own referral links, or allow relatives or friends to register through their links;
- Be entrusted to other traders' accounts and trade for them;
- Use any fraudulent schemes to profit from the affiliate program;
5.5. If an Affiliate violates clause 5 of the Agreement, the Company reserves the right to issue a warning to the Affiliate. Following that, the Company has the right to penalize the Affiliate in the event of complaints being received from their traders or non-compliance with clause 5 of this Agreement.
5.6. The Company has the right to block an account or affiliate account not used for its intended purpose and in violation of this Agreement.

6. Consideration of the address, disputes, and claims

6.1. All claims and appeals should be sent to
6.2. The Company will consider appeals within ten business days after the Affiliate provides sufficient information that is required for its consideration and which is related to the specific appeal/claim and is considered essentially necessary for the resolution of the issue.
6.3. The Company may refuse to consider an appeal if
- the claim received by the Company contains obscene language and/or insults directed at the Company (including its employees);
- the received claim contains threats to the Company (including its employees);
- the Affiliate threatens to "tarnish" the Company's business image through any means possible.
6.4. Claims for profits lost are not accepted for consideration.
6.5. The Company does not compensate for moral damage.