Here we have, let's say, a pretty logo and a menu

Test stand

Content size is variable (pull the tooltip)

Scripting on the page is currently disabled. To check the scripting architecture, choose from the list below (version in RU/EN/TH/VN/ES/PT/ID/MS/CN/TR/PL/ME/KR, respectively):

Resize the window if the side pictures do not load immediately.

Example of embedding

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

  body: $("body"),
  conteiner: $(".wrapper"),
  footer: $(".content-inner"),
  header: $("header"),
  afterHeader: false,
  afterFooter: false,
  destroyBg: true,
  type: 1,
  url: "",
  lang: "en",
  • Body — the main conteiner of the website
  • Conteiner — the block that sets the width of the webpage
  • footer — the 'basement' (or the bottom block) after which or before which (afterFooter: true/false) the bottom banner is placed
  • header — the top of your website, or the block after which the top block is created (afterHeader: true)
  • afterHeader — the position of the top banner at the top of the page (true) or after the Header (false). False by default
  • afterFooter — the position of the bottom banner before the footer (false) or after the footer (ture). False by default
  • destroyBg — make backgrounds transparent (true) or not (false), starting from the parent footer. False by default
  • Type 1 or 3
  • url — your affiliate link
  • lang — 'ru', 'en', 'th', 'vn', 'es', 'pt', 'id', 'ms', 'cn', 'tr', 'pl', 'me', 'kr' — choice of the branding language
  • carefully check the block IDs when you interact with branding. IDs must be unique so that you do not cause undesired repetition

    If possible, use the following as identifiers:

<footer id="site-footer" class="my-class"> ... </footer>

footer : $("#site-footer") ,

<button class="btn-pop">Popup button</button> 

<script src=""></script>

height: 340, element height
width: 600, element width
animation: true, name of the animation
shadow: true, Is it a fading background?
conteinerClass: "conteiner", css customization
closeBtn: "close", class of the 'close' button
type: "img", what to upload: 'img' for an image,
'iframe' for a registration form

img: "", image address
url: "", load address of the content (iframe)
or address of the affiliate link (img)

clicked : true; whether it opens by clicking on the element or not
autoShow: false, autoplay
timeout: 10, in how many seconds to play
repeat: false, repeat
lang: en, lang


Width= 1000, Height= 2390.