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Get $500 plus 70% revshare

..What’s up everyone and welcome to Binpartner - affiliate program of!

Our team is glad to inform you that we've just started a competition for new partners “Get $500 plus 70% revshare”

Prize: $500 Amazon gift certificate or $500 to your affiliate account plus 70% of revenue share!

Contest is for NEW affiliates, who are registered during 03.12.2018 - 29.12.2018. All you need to do is to run traffic to from Indonesia and(or) Brazil.

The competition will be held from 3rd of December to 29th of December, 2018 on weekly basis.

1st stage Dates: 03.12.2018 - 09.12.2018
2nd stage Dates: 10.12.2018 - 16.12.2018

3rd stage Dates: 17.12.2018 - 23.12.2018

4th stage Dates: 24.12.2018 - 29.12.2018 

1st place - $500 Amazon gift certificate or $500 to your bank account plus 70% revenue share*

2nd place - 65% revenue share*+personal manager

3rd place - 65% revenue share*

4th place - 60% revenue share*

5th place - 55% revenue share*

Conditions for participation: a minimum of 1 FTD (first trader deposit) from Indonesia and(or) Brazil during contest week.

Conditions for winning: the maximum number of FTDs (first trader deposits) from Indonesia and(or) Brazil per contest. 

Minimum 20 FTD from Indonesia and(or) Brazil to win 1st place.
Minimum 10 FTD from Indonesia and(or) Brazil to win 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

Participants will be able to track their progress, as well as the final results, on our Facebook and on the page

IMPORTANT: Participants should choose a unique nickname on the affiliate platform which will be used in the leaderboard.

A contest participant can receive a prize only once for the entire period of the competition.

All participants from the previous stages are transferred to the current stage, the number of FTD is reset and is considered again from the beginning of the stage.

Statistics of the contest participants will be published daily until 14.00 Moscow time (GMT+3) or 18.00 Jakarta time (GMT+7) or 9.00 Rio de Janeiro (GMT-2)

Please contact our managers to register in the contest and get special bonuses! 

Indonesia - Roman Gavrilov
Business Development Manager
Skype: live:roman.gavrilov_5
WhatsApp: +7 (996) 795-96-35

Telegram: +7 (996) 795-96-35


Brazil - Ruslan Chamokov

Business Development Manager

Skype: live:7bd86872d584c579

WhatsApp: +7 (921) 927-53-77


Telegram: +7 (985) 140-85-02

Additional conditions:

1) Winners who send video feedback about participating in the contest and receiving a prize will receive bonus funds in their partner account in the amount of $50. Partner gives his consents to the use of the video in advertising and posts on social networks.

2) Compliance with the conditions for achieving the minimum number of first deposits for the period of the competition is a prerequisite for obtaining a prize for the corresponding prize place.

3) The partner receives a certain percentage for the competition in accordance with the place occupied for the period of the competition.

4) Participants committing any fraudulent activities with the aim of winning the Competition will be excluded from participation in the Competition.

5) The transfer of prizes to the winners will be carried out within 10 business days after the end of the competition by crediting the prizes to the partner’s account and subsequent payments made to the payment details specified in the "Finance" section of the partner’s account.

6) All leads and deposits will be manually checked to avoid fraud activities.

7) The footnote * means that partner will have 70%(65%,60%,55%) revenue share only first month(30 days) after the end of stage that partner won. After 30 days all payouts will be made according to affiliate agreement clause 5. All partners may check agreement in your account at our affiliate platform.

The “Double luck” competition for registered users

The competition is held from November, 1 to November, 30. The prize fund is $94,000. To take part in the contest you need to click the green button, called "Take part", at the bottom of the page, and sign up on during the contest.