Binomoaffiliate program


Challenge yourself!
We created a new contest that will help you get a bonus according to your activity. More FTDs you make - the more bonus you get!

Text our support team at or your manager with the header "Deposits action bonus" and join our contest!

1. Compliance with the conditions for achieving the minimum number of FTDs for the period of the action is a prerequisite for receiving a bonus for the corresponding amount
2. The partner receives a certain amount of bonus per the amount of goal he has only for the period of the action.
3. Bonus will count only for those sum of deposits that came from India.
4. Participants who carry out any fraudulent activities to win the competition will be excluded from participating.
5. The winners will be announced on the 16th of October 2022.
6. The transfer of prizes to the winners will be carried out within 20 business days after the end of the competition by crediting to the partner’s balance and subsequent payment to the account details specified in the “Finance” section of the partner’s account.
7, The minimum number of FTDs to participate in contest is achieving 20 FTDs in August.
8. For receiving a bonus for this action, please send your request to our support team at or your manager with the header "Deposits action bonus".

All partners should send the request no later than the 15th of September.