VIP-tournament Trading Titans: Battle of the Best

From September 4-29, your traders with VIP status or higher will enjoy a grand, exclusive event — Trading Titans: Battle of the Best! 1,000 trading heroes from all over the world will gather for this tournament and compete for a $100,000 Binomo real account prize fund and other legendary prizes after each round. 

VIP traders are the most engaged category on Binomo, so you're already one step ahead. But here's some extra motivation — you'll get:

  • $5 for each trader registration for Trading Titans 

  • $5 for each trader rebuy

Why announce a Trading Titans tournament? 

  1. You will receive $5 for every trader registration in Trading Titans and $5 for every trader rebuy.

  2. This is really hot info that will help you attract an audience and boost their trading activity. Especially considering that according to statistics, VIPs are the most engaged and actively trading traders.

  3. We offer the most powerful arguments for traders to join — impressive cash prizes in their real Binomo account and legendary additional prizes

  4. You don't need to waste your time making creatives to attract traders — they are already ready and waiting for you on our Telegram channel

Are you ready for titanic profits yet? 

When will the event take place? 

Registration opens —August 28

Start of the promotion —September 4

End of the promotion —September 29

What is the trader's main goal? 

Get to the top of the tournament leaderboard 

Your place on the leaderboard is determined by the total profit earned within the tournament

What are the conditions for participation?

Number of participants: 1,000

Statuses: VIP, Prestige, Legend (for Legend, there is no buy-in for the tournament)

Fee and rebuys: $100

Starting balance: ₮500

Epic prizes 

The winners will receive titanic amounts in their real Binomo accounts

Total prize fund: $100,000

Grand prize: $50,000

Prizes — Top 25:

  • 2nd place — $7,000

  • 3rd place — $5,000

  • 4th place — $3,500

  • 5th place — $2,500

  • 6-17th place — $2,000

  • 18-25th place — 1,000$

Additional prizes: 

The top 100 participants based on the results of the entire tournament will receive free access to all tournaments in October

The top 25 participants based on each week's results will receive 10 RFTs worth $10

For every 7 days of continuous participation, the trader will receive an additional ₮100 in their tournament account

How to become a Titan?  

1. Register on Binomo if you don't already have an account

2. Trade up to VIP status or higher

3. Select "Participate" in the "Promotions" section of the platform

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Find out more about the tournament on the official event website:

*The results will be verified by the anti-fraud department. Payments are made every week