Traffic Rush

The race for $57,000 begins! 

Become the most fantastic traffic ranger and grab your piece of the $57,000 prize pool. Welcome to the 2-month Traffic Rush challenge, Ranger!

From October 18 to December 8:
- Attract traders and increase their activity
- Earn points and follow the leaderboard
- Get into the Top and grab your piece of the $57,000 prize pool

You will get to one of 4 groups depending on the quantity of your FTDs for September:
Green Class / 1 point = 1 FTD / 0-25 FTDs, as well as all new partners
Blue Class / 1 point = 10$  turnover / 26-50 FTDs
Yellow Class / 1 point = 10$ turnover / 51-100 FTDs
Red Class / 1 point = 10$ turnover / 101 or more FTDs

Follow the leaderboard of your Class in the special Traffic Rush section on Affiliate Top.
But that's not all, Ranger! Special giveaways of points for FTD, video content, other activities, and a very great secret surprise are waiting for you!


Green Class / 1st place $5,000 / 2nd place $2,000 / 3rd place $1,000
Blue Class / 1st place $7,000 / 2nd place $3,000 / 3rd place $1,500
Yellow Class / 1st place $10,000 / 2nd place $5,000 / 3rd place $2,000
Red Class / 1st place $12,000 / 2nd place $6,000 / 3rd place $3,000
The award will be credited to your Affiliate Top account until December 22

Attention, Ranger!
To win a prize in the Blue, Yellow, or Red Classes, your trading turnover for the period from October 18 to December 8 must be 20% higher than for the period from August 18 to October 8. Affiliates can get data on their trading turnover in the Statistics section of their Affiliate Top personal account by comparing those periods.

Get ready to become the best traffic ranger and get top places in your group! 

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*Kindly note that offer is valid for Revenue/Turnover Share partners only