Exclusive Referral Benefits

Boost your RevShare with Exclusive Referral Benefits 

We are launching a promotion where you need to attract referrals and...

  • not just get 5% of their earnings like you used to

  • but also earn points for each of them

The top 3 participants with the highest number of points will get a well-deserved boost — an increased RS % for all of January

Promotion dates:


The results will be totaled at the end of December

How are points awarded? 

For each affiliate you get, you will receive points based on how many FTDs they have:

  • 1 point for a referral with 1-4 FTDs

  • 5 points for a referral with 5-9 FTDs

  • 10 points for a referral with 10+ FTDs

Only referral partners registered between 20.10.23-20.12.23 will be counted

How to participate?

You're already on board during the promotion period, so you don't need to do anything else

Current referral program:

Get ready to soar along with your profits!

Get 5% of your referrals' earnings and a chance to boost your RevShare % for January

*The results will be verified by the anti-fraud department

**The offer is valid for Revenue/Turnover Share partners only