Binomoaffiliate program



You have registered in our online trading platform affiliate program.

First of all, you  should fill in your profile, it is necessary to fill in payment data, to keep changes and then to choose and keep payment service provider necessary to you. This is done in order to allow you to save several payment systems, then switch between them when needed.

 Without the choice of payment system payments will not be made!

Where to find links for new traders engagement? 

All links  for involvement of traders are in the section Promo, it is necessary to choose the homepage or the necessary landing and to copy the link.

Advertising campaign is an unnecessary optional identifier of the  source of your  traffic. There can be as many campaigns as necessary, you can replace them in the link automatically, in statistics advertising campaign  will be generated by the machine.

A subaccount is an optional identifier of the source of your traffic inside advertising campaign. There can be as many subaccounts s as necessary, you can replace them in the link automatically, in statistics, subaccount generated by the machine .

Now you can post your link and involve customers!

Where can you find links for involving other partners?

All links to attract partners can be found under Referrals. You need to copy your link or to choose the desired banner and copy the link.

Now you can post your reflink link to involve other affiliates!

Where and how can I advertise you?

You can attract clients using incredible number of ways,  all depends on your knowledge? Skills and abilities. Let us briefly consider the main sources of traffic and then take a closer look at each:

  1. Thematic websites
  2. Contextual advertising
  3. Advertising networks
  4. Social networks
  5. Video portals
  6. Forums
  7. Non-standard ideas

Thematic website

 The best traffic give, undoubtedly, the thematic websites about online trading with reviews of platforms, ratings or tops, the training materials and video, analytical articles and other useful content. If you are able to create websites , this is the best way to stable and big earnings.

 View the examples of sites in the search results, make your own and we will provide all possible promotional materials to attract customers, a unique description of our platform, graphs, text  news articles, and regular analysis of the markets and many more upon your request.

Contextual advertising 

The contextual advertising shows the best results on conversion from all types of traffic as it the most target and brings ready clients.